• Attention Home Owners, Property Managers and Maintenance Directors

    12 Things Every Home or Business Owner Must Know Before Hiring a Garage Door,Entry Door or
    Interior Door, Contractor!

    My name is Mike Donovan and I’m a 27 year Garage Door and Entry Door Industry veteran. There isn’t a door in existence that I haven’t personally installed or serviced. I have seen the best and worst the door Industry has to offer and I think it is time so shed some light on the unscrupulous practices of door contractors in Greater Worcester County.

    Through my 27 years in this Industry I have seen the gamut of door technicians and door companies and I am not proud to say that a large percentage of door contractors are simply “fly by night,” uninsured, unlicensed, operations.

    How do you identify those bad apples? How do you make sure you are not putting out a lot of cash while getting a lot of sub-standard work in return? Although some of these contractors are sincere, the consequences – broken promises, sub-standard door work and busted budgets – are often the same as when you hire someone truly unscrupulous.

    Fortunately a sub-standard door contractor is easy to spot. Here are 12 warning signs to look out for when hiring a door contractor to work on your property. Use the form below to request your FREE copy of this consumer awareness report. Don't put a door contractor to work until you read this!
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