About: Worcester Door, Inc.

About Worcester Door Best Door Repair Company in Worcester Massachusetts

Worcester Door is the only comprehensive door installation and door service contractor in Central Massachusetts. Many of Worcester County’s largest companies have trusted us with their door installation and doors repair needs for over 22 years.

Our full-line door service and installation business is incorporated, licensed, and insured in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Michael Donovan — the owner and operator of Worcester Door, Inc. — is a licensed construction supervisor and has over 35 years of experience in the door industry.

From Homes to Retail Spaces, Offices, and Factories, We Can Install, Service, and Repair ANY Door!

Whether you need a new slider door for the deck, door opener in the garage, or a dock leveler at the shop, our door experts have you covered! There’s no door too small or too large.

Complex Installations & Engineered Door Openings

In a addition to our complete line of door installation and service capabilities, we are also licensed to enlarge or engineer new door openings to accommodate new equipment and installing or replacing wall covering materials. We can cut concrete floors and form dock leveler pits to receive dock equipment. Construct interior walls for offices whether temporary or permanent.

Zero Headaches Mentality

On structurally complex projects, we will team up with an engineer and architect to ensure that proper supports are used, load ratings are met, and the building code is followed to a T! Our work will always meet or exceed the requirements of municipal building codes and is guaranteed to pass examination by your local building inspector. Our goal is to streamline the construction and installation process associated with complex door installation projects with a zero headaches mentality for our clients.

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