Door Repair

Garage door,  electric door opener, entry door and storm door service/repair is available for all makes and models at Worcester Door Company.  Our company specializes in all types of overhead garage door repair, service and new garage door installation in Worcester, MA and surrounding region.  At some point all doors and door openers will breakdown due to mechanical failure. Many costly repairs and damage to your property are preventable through routine maintenance. Garage doors especially, in our experience are the most least serviced and heavily used entry way in most homes and businesses. They are almost always over-looked, to the detriment of the owner. Many people simply follow the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality, until it’s too late. All too often a spring or hinge will break causing extremely costly damages to vehicles and property and not to mention severe bodily injury.

Routine Service And Same Day Response Time

Once a door is installed we recommend at least once every three years to have the door inspected and serviced. New doors have a life-time paint and rust warranty, not a lifetime mechanical warranty. A garage door is typically the largest moving object in the home or business and should never be over looked for the safety of the occupants. Worcester Door Company has 27 years of technical expertise in repairing and servicing residential and commercial garage doors. Most door repairs are completed in less than two hours and typically the same day you called. We pride ourselves in having the fastest service in Worcester County because we understand that when your doors are not working properly it has in many cases left you stranded!


Worcester Door stocks the most common parts right on our trucks. We conduct business with 5 local garage door suppliers to have the largest possible range for parts we do not typically stock so as to get your door working again. We repair conventional and custom doors. Not all doors are safe and not all doors can be fixed, we see this routinely in our line of work. We will try to prolong the life of the door or door opener as long as it is safety and feasibly possible.

On A Typical Service Call We Will…

When you call Worcester Door Company for garage door service or repair this is what you can expect. We fix the problem, and we also inspect the hardware and cables for signs of wear and we lubricate all moving parts on the entire door. We manually disconnect the door opener from the door so we can test the spring balance and adjust if necessary. We know that garage doors are often over looked and it will probably be along time again before it will see any type of service so we give it a thorough inspection and service from top to bottom. We offer emergency and weekend service because we know that door can break at very inconvenient times. Garage door openers are not the garage door; they are two separate items and require very little service as long as the garage door is working properly.

A good door opener will usually last between 10 and 15 years. A door opener that is older than say 10 years, are repairable depending on the brand name. Some are not because some manufacturers have gone out of business and the parts are no longer available. If you have repaired your door opener more than say twice in one year, we would highly recommended replacing it because your money would be better spent invested in a brand new door opener. Worcester Door will also test and troubleshoot the functionality of the safety reverse system during a routine service call. We will also inspect the chain or belt drive system for wear and inform you of any foreseeable problems.  Please contact us directly at 508-791-3424 or by email at

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