How To Program My Vehicle’s Built-in Garage Door Opener

car remoteVehicles now come equipped with built-in garage door opener controls and are generally located either on the visor or on the console. It is usually marked with a home icon or something similar. There can be two elements to the process. Programming the in-vehicle equipment to match your existing remote control is often enough to make the system work. Sometimes however, a further step is required, which is to teach the garage receiver to recognize the vehicle equipment.

  1. Press and hold the two outer buttons on your car’s on-board garage opener system. Release the buttons once the system’s indicator light begins to flash.
  2. Hold your garage remote about two inches from the on-board system and press and hold the open button on your remote and the button you are programming on your car’s system.
  3. Release the buttons once the indicator light begins flashing rapidly.
  4. Press and hold the training button on the on-board system until the light glows solid. If it continues blinking, proceed to the following steps.
  5. Press the “learn” button on your garage door motor and return to the vehicle and press, hold for two seconds and release the training button again on the on-board system.
  6. Repeat the press-hold-and-release process two more times and your car opener will be successfully programmed to your garage motor.

It may seem complicated, but it really isn’t, you would be able to open and close your garage door from your vehicle in no time, just by following the above steps.  We are Worcester Door Company program these on a very regular basis, one of the services we offer to our valued customers, so contact us if you need assistance.


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