What Type of Door Can We Install or Repair for You Today?

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Our goal is to streamline the construction and installation process associated with complex door projects with a zero headaches mentality for our clients. Under the license and expertise of Mike Donovan, Worcester Door is a licensed contractor and construction supervisory firm for the state of Massachusetts. We are the most comprehensive door installation contractor in Central Massachusetts and have been trusted by some of the area’s largest companies since 1995!

Overhead Garage Doors

In today’s market there is a heavy emphasis on door insulation, door speed, door safety and electrical efficiency. Garage door manufacturers have responded with whole new lines of options. Doors today can be specifically designed to fit any unique application. I bring over 27 years of professional expertise in overhead garage doors to the table and I am confident we will provide you with the fastest, hassle free installation and best working garage door you have ever seen! We serve some of the largest manufactures, distributors and transportation companies in Central Massachusetts. Please contact us today for more information!

Garage Door Opener

An electric garage door opener is a luxury that no homeowner with a garage can live without. Lets face the facts, who in the right mind wants to get out of their car during a Nor’ Easter and open their garage door to park the car. For most businesses an electric garage door opener is an absolute necessity, I fully understand the “bottom line” reliance many businesses have on their doors and door openers. If the door won’t open, nothing moves in or out, leaving the business at a standstill. I will personally insure that we find the right door opener for your specific application, one that will give you years of hassle free, reliable service. Please contact us today for more information!

Home Entry Door

An Entry door is one of the most important and complicated purchases for an uninformed home owner. It is difficult finding an entry door that offers the “full package” security, longevity and curb appeal. While it may seem obvious, it is important to note that an Entry door is your homes primary and most important  access point. Crooked doors and frames are not only a pain to use everyday and a complete eye-sore but a huge energy waster. A cheap entry door with a generic lock-set is an open invitation for knowledgeable thieves to break into your home! Let me help you choose the right entry door for your home.Please contact us today for more information!

Security Entry Doors – Business Entry Doors

Exterior doors are the first line of defense for any business, and are the primary reasons why we will only install high quality doors from proven manufactures. My proprietary door installation process, includes reinforcing the frame and exterior wall and providing sound advice on the appropriate hardware and lock systems to fit your need. Once installed, we know these doors will have to hold up to a criminals, fires and high traffic so unlike most door companies we will always go the extra mile.  For help choosing the right door for your business. Please contact us today for more information!

Dock Equipment Installation – Dock Leveler Repair

We understand the unique dock needs of our clients. Before every installation we conduct a comprehensive onsite review to inspect the existing condition of your dock system and assess problems. Every loading dock poses a different situation and a must be met with a unique solution. Almost all damage done to a building near the dock area can be attributed to poor design and missing protection. Along with dock equipment we can also furnish and install Vinyl clear hanging strip doors to help climate control a loading zone area. Please contact us today for more information!

Storm Doors – Screen Doors

Most companies have some real junk storm doors that will usually last about a year or so before they literally start falling apart, leaving you to replace it, again. Plastic and poorly designed hinges are the main problem of most storm door repair calls. Inexpensive doors that were offered at low price, infamous ” redtag sales” are the ones you often see laying out in the back yard after a wind storm and prematurely fail due to flawed manufacturing. Let me help you choose a high quality, long lasting storm door. Please contact us today for more information!

Patio and Slider Doors

Choosing a patio door or slider door for your home can sometimes come as shock to some people. The barrage of information coming at you can be very confusing if you do not understand the lingo. If you know what to look for and ask the right questions, you will be more satisfied with your purchase knowing that you bought the right patio door for your home. The basic components of both types of doors (swinging and sliding) are the same with the exception that one will swing and the other slide. This should be the decision that you consider first and fore most, because it is critical to the functionality of your deck, patio and living space. Contact us today for help choosing a new sliding or swinging patio door for your home.

Interior Doors – Closet Doors – French Doors

Worcester Door Company also specializes in the replacement of all types of interior doors; from closet doors and bathroom doors, to hallway and bedroom doors. New interior doors do not only add value to your home but pride as well. A standard raised 6 panel colonial door in lieu of an old flush panel door is well worth the investment and can really bring a room to life from a design perspective. There are many designs and styles to choose from that will complement any room. Installing new door handles and matching hinges from the wide selection of metals and styles will help give the doors the extra eye catching character. For help choosing new interior doors for you home,Please contact us today!

Door Repair or Door Replacement

Once a entry door or garage door is installed we recommend every three years to have the door fully inspected and serviced. New doors have a life-time paint and rust warranty, not a lifetime mechanical warranty. A garage door is typically the largest moving object in the home or business and is typically the most overlooked and least serviced! Worcester Door Company has 27 years of technical expertise in repairing and servicing residential and commercial doors. Most door repairs are completed in less than two hours and typically the same day you contact us. We pride ourselves in having the fastest service in Worcester County because we understand that when your doors are not working properly it has in many cases left you stranded! For emergency door repair please contact us right away!

Retractable Screen Door Systems

A Retractable Screen Door will expand your living space and improve the view by eliminating traditional fixed screens found in the typical storm door.  A Retractable Screen Door offers a CONVENIENT solution to where traditional storm doors and screen doors don’t work and a Mirage retractable screen door system can be CUSTOMIZED to fit your door specifications. Unlike traditional storm doors and screen doors, retractable screens are only across your door opening when you need it to be, eliminating the inconvenience of opening and closing a screen you only use seasonally and they don’t detract from the appearance and beauty of  your entry door. They allow you to naturally cool and ventilate your home and reduce the cost and need for air conditioning.  Worcester Door is an authorized Mirage Retractable Screen Systems Dealer, for more information, please contact us today!

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