Home Entry Doors

An Entry door is one of the most important and complicated purchases for the uninformed home owner. It is difficult finding a product that offers a high level of security, longevity and “curb appeal.” While it may seem obvious, it is important to note that an Entry door is your homes primary and most important  access point. Crooked doors and frames are not only a pain to use everyday and a complete eye-sore but a huge energy waster. Many of our clients have paid off the installation of a new door with the heat and air-conditioning savings in less than a year.  A cheap door with a generic lock-set is an open invitation for knowledgeable thieves to set your home in their cross hairs.

There are very good reasons why “Home Depot” specials cost $150.00 and Therma-Tru doors cost $400, it comes down to the quality of the materials, accuracy of the frame and durability. We have had exceptional success with the Therma-Tru line of doors and to date we have not had a single successful break-in, over 15 years of using them.  There are a few other doors that offer a similar level of  quality but Therma-Tru is truly the premier line of home entry doors with regards to the range options, styles and custom sizes compared to other manufactures. The Therma-Tru catalog is nearly and ½ thick with styles and designs to fit almost any home.


One of the most important items that is almost always over-looked when buying a door is the lock set and dead bolt. There are many hardware sets on the market that cost very little and the reason for the is the amount of plastic they contain.  We recommend high grade locks and dead bolt manufacturers such as Baldwin, that not only look fantastic on your new door but also will keep your home safe (Your family is worth it). Our service to you is, we come out to measure and inspect and cover any questions that you may have and give you a free estimate. Unlike most door companies we do the entire project, start to finish, from order placement through to site clean up.


Check out some of our recommended brands. Their websites have excellent design tools and images of all the entry door styles available for your home. If you need help please email me at miked@worcesterdoor.com

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