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Garage doors have been around for about 90 years. While the mechanics of a residential garage door have not changed much, the available styles have simply exploded. The options that are available today were not around 10 years ago. As our nation has placed a greater emphasis on energy efficiency the garage door manufacturers are offering more GREEN alternatives than they ever have in the past. Here in the North East there is a strong emphasis on steel insulated garage doors because of the crazy temperature swings we have from season to season.. The manufacturers today offer not only an insulated garage door, but one with knock your socks off style.

The style and panel arrangements (and did I mention color options?!) will absolutely make your garage doors stand out from your neighbors dreary white slabs, giving your home instant curb appeal. Insulated garage doors have a great effect on your homes heating and cooling costs by keeping the cold out and the heat in (vice-versa in the summer). Garage doors have R-value ratings like most types of insulation. Insulated garage doors start in the low 6 range and go up to as much a 30. Most doors sold and installed are between 12 and 16. So as not to confuse anybody, a standard home built with the 2 X 4 stud construction method would have R-13 insulation in the walls. If your home is 2 X 6 construction it would be around R-19.

Most garage doors are made of pre-painted steel with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty against rust and factory paint peel. There are other materials as well, Wood, Vinyl, aluminum, and yes copper. Aluminum and copper doors are stunning yet also super pricy. Steel for the most part is still the driving force especially here in the North East with years of continued success.

I have over 27 years of  experience backing our installations. We also have a strong commitment to service after the sale with a customer first mentality. After the installation we strongly encourage all garage doors to be serviced and inspected every couple of years to ensure the door is mechanically sound and in proper working order. Keep this in mind, the garage door is the largest moving object in any home. A little TLC and regular maintaince goes a long way!

Commercial and Industrial Garage Doors
The commercial garage door market is actually where garage doors got there beginning and is what still drives the innovation and technology advances for the entire door industry.

Garage doors have been around for about 100 years, they came on the scene towards the end of the “Gilded Age” when America’s shipping and delivery based transportation infrastructure found its beginnings.  Left largely unchanged for about 75 years, the innovation we have seen in the commercial door market these last 19 years has been truly remarkable.

In today’s market place, door design, function and application have changed significantly since the early 1900s. The original concept for the garage doors was to provide a large, clear opening in an upward acting motion so as to save space from conventional swinging doors. Power operated doors which came on the scene in the 1940s provided a faster traffic flow which greatly enhanced productivity.

There is a heavy emphasis on insulation, speed, safety and efficiency and door manufactures have responded with whole new lines of options. Doors today can be specifically designed and expertly installed to fit your unique application. Worcester Door offers 27 years of professional expertise in the commercial door market, serving some of the largest manufactures, distributers and transportation companies in Central Massachusetts.

We pride ourselves in being Central Massachusetts most comprehensive solution to the door needs of building and property managers. We can help you with the planning and the installation of new doors, from building new openings to simple replacements. We provide service for any and all doors in commercial and industrial applications, with same day emergency service always available.

Understanding the entire application for your door need is the first step to putting a plan together that will fully address the functionality you need and the safety that is required. Some of the commercial door products that are available today are as follows; Sectional, Rolling Steel, High Speed Rubber, High Speed Bi-Fold, Rolling Screen, Rolling Aluminum and Rolling Glass. Insulated exterior garage doors are predominately the most commonly used product today with hundreds of color and window options to blend with the color and design of your building.

We stock a majority of the parts typical for standard repairs right on our service trucks and in most cases can fix the problem right on the spot. Commercial garage doors are in many ways vastly different than the residential market. There are an abundance of options and variables involved in selecting and installing the right garage door. For more information and help choosing a garage door for your business or industrial application please email me at

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