Storm Doors and Screen Doors

If you enjoy fresh air and warm sunshine, then you must consider having storm doors installed on your home. You can’t leave your doors open without worrying what might come through. Storm doors are essential in the north east if you want the fresh air and warm sunshine while not allowing the pests and bugs to invade your home.

Construction Methods

There are really only two types of construction methods used in the manufacturing of storm doors and both have their place. Most commonly, storm doors are made from a solid core material usually high density particle board and then wrapped or covered in either vinyl, aluminum or steel. Various colors, styles and window designs are available to complement your home and look nice while allowing the fresh air and sunshine in while keeping the pests out.

The second method of construction is a storm door made from pre-painted tubular aluminum, offering a variety of styles and designs similar to solid core doors. Storm door selection is really left to the home owner to comb through the various styles and designs and select which style best suits their home. Considering functionality and purpose in advance will guide you in the purchase of a storm door. There are good doors and there are bad doors. Worcester Door has had good success with the following door manufacturers, Emco (Andersen), Larson, and Harvey. Buying a door based on price alone is not a good idea because all storm doors are not created equal!

All Doors Are Not Created Equal!

Most companies have some real junk that will usually last about a year or so before it starts literally falling apart, leaving you to replace it again. Plastic and poorly designed hinges are the main problem of most storm door repairs we see in the field today. Inexpensive doors that were offered at low price tag sales are the ones you often see laying out in the back yard after a wind storm and prematurely fail due to flawed manufacturing.

Most of the accessory items that come with a storm door, like the nice handles you see in the large home stores are not made in the U.S and not backed by credible warranties. Most of the nice (brass imitation) handles have only a six month tarnish warranty and no mechanical warranty. Buyer beware! Worcester Door Company will offer insightful suggestions after viewing the installation site and asking a host of questions so as to explain your options and future issues to consider. We consider wind direction, functionality, child safety, aesthetics, and how a door will best complement your home and bring years of dependable service.


Installing storm doors seems like an easy task to those who take the project on only to discover that it can be a real hassle. What is often over looked in the euphoria of a new door is the frame into which the door will be mounted on. Storm doors are mounted onto the existing exterior casing of the entry door. Not all contractors install the proper casings needed for a future installation of a storm door because it costs them extra money.

It is critical to inspect the exterior casing so as to ensure the durability of the installation and functionality of the door. Believe it or not, some exterior casings are made from foam made and painted to look like wood. Ask yourself how long the door will hang in the opening mounted to FOAM, your guess is as good as ours! If incorrect, cheap casing was used we can easily replace the exterior casing as well as install the storm door. Over time parts will wear out and need replacing, but a good storm, properly installed will allow fresh air and warm sunshine into your home for many years. Call us today or E-mail me directly.


Check out some of our recommended brands. Their websites have excellent design tools and images of all the storm and screen door styles available for your home. If you need help please email me at




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