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Worcester Door Company specializes in the replacement of all types of interior doors; from closet doors and bathroom doors, to hallway and bedroom doors. New interior doors do not only add value to your home but pride as well. A standard raised 6 panel colonist door in lieu of an old flush panel door is well worth the investment and can really bring a room to life from a design perspective. There are many designs and styles to choose from that will complement any room. Installing new door handles and matching hinges from the wide selection of metals and styles will help give the doors the extra eye catching character. Most installations will not require new frames or trim which in turn will save you money. We are able in most cases to purchase and replace just the door and hardware which will also cut down on the construction clean up. However, if you wish to replace the trim and frame to match the décor of the room we gladly do that as well.

If you are going to purchase a door yourself and have us install it please be careful! When the advertising states that doors are solid wood, be cautious, what it really means is the door is made from solid wood “pieces” with a wood laminate overlay. Hollow core doors are the norm for most homes and are referencing to the fact that there is no wood between the inner and outer surface of the door except where the inner supports need to be. Non hollow doors referred to as “solid core”, meaning that there is added filler material between the outer and inner skins, not necessarily wood. There are on average 20+ interior doors to every home. Replacing older doors and installing modern doors can put the perfect finishing touch on a home remodel. We provide professional installation and back it up with exceptional service. Call Worcester Door directly at 508-791-3424 today or E-mail


Check out some of our recommended brands. Their websites have excellent design tools and images of all the interior door styles available for your home. If you need help please email me at

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