Homemade Door Opener Switch by Customer

wordpress_homemade2This picture displays an example of the many problems Worcester Door encounters on a routine basis.  The picture shows what NOT TO DO because of safety hazards for those using the door opener, the homeowner and for those who are trained to repair door openers.

Allow me to explain what you are actually seeing in the picture.    The customer used a peanut butter plastic jar, a 4″ muffler clamp, a 2″ X 12″ aluminum plate and a toggle switch wired through the cap of the peanut butter jar.  The contraption must have taken at least a day or so to put together.  What the customer should have done was to purchase a very simple garage door wall button that is readily available at any hardware store.  We do not recommend anyone attempting these types of “do it yourself” projects since it voids any warranty on the door opener and most importantly, it poses a huge risk for injury.

Worcester Door  recommends that you leave the door and door opener repair to a professional door expert since a garage door poses the largest safety threat to your family since it is the largest moving object in the home.

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