Modern Day Garage Doors

Garage doors reflect our personal style and taste and should compliment the design of our houses giving a uniformed overall appearance.

Reflecting on garage door history, originally the garage was designed to house our vehicles providing protection from the elements and for security.  In today’s times, the appearance of a garage is considered a major factor when choosing a garage door, now considered a design element to our homes.

Because most owners use their garage doors as the primary point of entry to their homes, rather than entry doors, they are susceptible to more wear and they should be durable and secure to stand up to the excessive use.

Garage doors have come a long way from just being a door to a garage, to an actual feature to the house design.  Today, the variety, styles and colors of garage doors have extensively improved, even offering added features such as decorative hardware such as hinges, handles and window inserts in a variety of styles, hence offering much better aesthetic options and curb appeal to the homeowner than in times past.  Also, electric door openers are also an added feature that improves the functionality of the garage door and provides added convenience and security features.

Even the life span of a garage door has increased because of it’s material and durability, with steel as an alternative to wood, as long as we take care of it, or course.  Garage doors today even stand up better to nature’s elements of snow, rain and wind and everything else in between.

Worcester Door Company recommends that you consider all of these facts and options when considering purchasing a garage door and consult the expertise of a professional to install and service your garage doors.  A garage door it is one of the largest moving objects in the home and should be handled with extreme caution to avoid injuries.

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