Motor hums but garage door does not move

gear sprocketIf you currently have installed in your home a electric garage door opener manufactured by Chamberlain, but private labeled or marketed by Sears Craftsman, LiftMaster, Chamberlain and Tru-value, in the last 20 years you might of experienced this problem. You activate the door opener by either a remote control hand held unit or by pressing the wall button mounted on the wall and hear the motor humming but the garage door does not move. There are mainly two reasons for this occurrence and one of the reasons is depicted in this blog.¬† Inside your door opener is a set of nylon gears that mesh together and the main gear has had it’s teeth stripped off primarily due to age of the door opener. The part is replaceable and requires removal of the unit and a trained technician to disassemble and reassemble the unit. Before we replace the gear drive we at Worcester Door evaluate the overall condition of the unit and ask the home owner if they still have working remotes. If the unit is NOT equipped with Photo-electric safety eyes, we recommend replacing the entire unit because it really does not meet today’s safety standards. These gears have a shelf-life of 15 years on average and we have seen them fail in as little time as 8 years. They can be closely related similar to that of a tire on a car that goes flat suddenly without warning. The best thing a home owner can do to increase the life of the garage door opener is to keep the door properly serviced and maintained which will greatly increase the life of the garage door opener. ¬†Worcester Door specializes in Garage Door Repairs and garage door opener repairs and our intent is to educate our customers so that their garage doors are safe to use and well maintained.

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